Naughty short hair has become a choice for young ladies and teenage girls due to an ability to give that awesome look without consuming much time. Ladies who want to send a message of self-confidence benefit the most from naughty short haircuts. When choosing a haircut for naughty shorthair, ensure you:

  •         Consider your hair color and whether you want to keep it that way or change it;
  •         Facial features and whether you prefer to draw attention towards or away from them;
  •         Skin tone and eye color.

Bob Haircuts for Naughty Hair

Short bob haircuts are elegant and look great and classy no matter the season or climate. A side-parted asymmetrical bob is assured to give you an awesome look and make your eyes pop. It is short up to the neck on the back while the sides are longer and covers one side to produce a naughty glace style.

A side-parted asymmetrical curly bob is also perfect for naughty short hair. This is perfect for blonde and light colored hair. It is best to keep your naturally curly hair free and smart.

A slightly wavy side-parted blunt bob brings out the best in your facial features and your naturally wavy hair. A tuck behind the ear and leaving the side part to partially cover one eye gives you a naughty yet sophisticated look.

The Pompadour

This is also another class of haircuts that results in great naughty short haircuts. The pompadour gives emphasis to the tousle and gives your face an illusion of elongated face shape. It is perfect if you want to show off your facial features and want to put emphasis on your eyes. The sides are cut really short while the top is cut longer and it’s tufted to produce a voluminous illusion.

Undercuts and Side Cuts

This is one of the most popular haircuts for naughty short hair. The undercut entails cutting the hair over the ears and downwards to the neck very short while above the ear and towards the tousle if longer. The longer hair can be styled to one side, to the back or forward to look like a voluminous fringe.

If you prefer a sidecut, the hair is cut very short only one side and the rest is left as long as you please mostly up to the chin or barely covering the neck.

Naughty short haircuts are very popular among the millennials as they look.