Women keep trying different hairstyles as they seek to look elegant and feel confident about their looks. This is what leads to constant changes in haircuts and women take the time to choose a new haircut. A parted short haircut is one of the most lavish haircuts that can get you feeling bold and confident about the wow look they will give your appearance.

Most women wonder is a short haircut with a parting is suitable for them. The things to look at to determine this include:

  •         Face shape;
  •         Skin complexion;
  •         Taste and preference.

Let’s have a look at some of the most fabulous short haircuts with parting.

Casual Short Asymmetrical Bob

This haircut has a parting on one side and the hair on that side is cut short and tucked behind the ear for a neat smart look. The hair on the other side is cut longer so as to cover all the way to the chin. A few layers and soft bangs as it crosses over gives this haircut a casual great outcome. This is a perfect haircut for women with a round face.

Natural Parted Wavy Bob

If you wish to nature your natural hair with a short side part, this haircut is perfect for you. Tell your stylist to ensure the side parting is well defined as it’s what gives this haircut life. The hair is cut in a uniform length which gives it natural layers as you comb it along the parting. This haircut is more beautiful if your hair is naturally wavy or curly. Allow some strands of hair to flow slightly above your eye for that wow look.

Side Cut Pixie with Dark Roots

This haircut blends an asymmetrical pixie with a sidecut. The hair on one side and the back is cut really short with a smart triangle sideburn. The hair is distinctly parted on the side with the shorter hair. The tousle and the other side are cut long so that they fall over all the way to the chin. The result is a sophisticated attractive haircut. Darker shades around the hair roots add a bit of style and you can also attain this by adding some highlights on the long strands of hair.

Great people get great haircuts and celebrities such as Chelsea Kane and Carey Mulligan have embraced these haircuts due to their elegance. If you decide to settle on one of these, they will look amazingly lavish on you giving you that bold and confident look.