Haircuts that have trans-versed successfully through time to give women amazing looks. The asymmetrical bob is one of the best haircuts that have managed to remain stylish and lavish over time. They bring out the best of your facial features and they make those eyes shine and pop. Different styles include:

  •         Perfectly asymmetrical;
  •         Side parted or Middle parted;
  •         Short bob haircuts;
  •         Medium bob haircuts.

Edgy Length Asymmetrical Bob

This is a bob haircut that brings out a sporty look with an undercut that provides a great look. It blends in so much better when the roots are in contrast against a light blonde hue. When choosing this kind of style, it is best to select hair colors that best fit your skin tone, eye color, and face shape.

Long Asymmetrical Bob

This is a long side-parted bob that barely touches the shoulders. This beautiful asymmetrical bob combines one long side with a shorter side that gives it a choppy look. It blends perfectly with dark illuminating hair colors such as red and dark brown. This haircut is considered executive and professional.

Super Straight Deep Side Part

This is a straight chin-length that is enhanced with a deep side part. This is an innovative blunt haircut that brings out the best in your facial features and makes your eyes shine. It is best with light hair or a few highlights on your dark hair. It is a perfect haircut for ladies with colored eyes and an elongated face.

Medium Asymmetrical Curls

This is an asymmetrical haircut that is cut to a medium length right to the cheeks. It is side parted and a few waves or curls makes it perfect for casual occasions. You may choose to straighten the waves and curls into a straight asymmetrical bob for that executive look.

Inverted Asymmetrical Bob

This is an asymmetrical layered bob that is inverted and endorsed with colored or light highlights. It is an unconventional but will; give you a professional look. It is cut up to the cheeks on one side while the other side is cut to barely touch the shoulders. Its asymmetrical nature gives its layers an inspiring and unique haircut. If your hair has a light color, adding a few colored highlights such as pink, blue or green will add flavor to it. If you have dark hair color, adding a lighter shade highlights like blonde will give it that wow look. It is considered suitable for both casual and executive occasions.

An asymmetrical bob haircut has the ability to give you that distinct appearance. Such a bob should be chosen wisely to fit eye color and skin tone. The above bob haircuts are great choices and you can always ask your stylist to tailor style them to fit your taste and preference.