When a woman with naturally straight hair is seeking to cut it, they are looking for something bold and confident. They want a hairstyle that brings them out as strong, powerful and stylish. A bob haircut will do the trick by giving you a modern clean and neat outcome. When choosing a haircut for short hair, consider the following:

  •         The impression you want to leave;
  •         How well it will fit your skin tone and eye color;
  •         The reputation of that particular bob cut;
  •         How short you want to cut your hair.

Bob haircuts come in different styles and these are some that will be perfect for your straight hair.

Sharp, Edgy Side Parted Bob

It is a short straight hairstyle whose length is up to the cheeks. It is asymmetrical in nature as one of the sides is cut longer as it is combed from one side to the other. It will give you a much better look if your hair has a darker shade at the roots. It fits any eye color and does not need much work on your naturally straight hair.

Classic Short Bob with Bangs

This is a haircut that dates way back and yet remains amazingly stylish and trendy. Your hair will be cut to your neck length and longer on the tousle with soft bangs that reach the eyebrows. It is a look that will make your straight hair effortlessly gorgeous. It is low maintenance, easy to style and the result is a professional smart look.

Cropped Shaggy Cut with Layers

When you are feeling like you need a free haircut, this is for you. It does not have any particular styling. The hair is cut shorter at the back and longer at the top. Layers are added and a bit of a rough part on the side or the middle. This haircut will draw attention to your hair and face. You can just comb it after a wash and some natural hair food. The shaggy look gives an illusion of volume that will look stunning.

Soft Layered Bob

A woman who is bold and has fine and non-voluminous hair needs a style that gives the illusion of volume. A feathered layered bob which is soft is great for short hair. It is easy to maintain and with the right hair color gives you that extra glow. It is best when highlights are added to its edges to give it an amazing finish.

When you need a new great look and your hair is straight, consider having one of the above straight short haircuts. They require minimal effort and time from you and will give you a confident, bold and powerful look.